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April 26-30, 2014

April 29-30, 2014
Genomics Research - Sanfrancisco, CA

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February 2014
AstraZeneca and Bristol-Myers Squibb end diabetes alliance...
by Ilene Schneider

February 2014
Collaboration could total $600 million if all milestones are met...
by Kelsey Kaustinen

February 2014
Global dementia consortium aims to defeat Alzheimer’s disease by 2025 through a concerted effort...
by Lori Lesko

January 2014
Partnership will combine novel biologics with drug-conjugate technology...
by Jeffrey Bouley

January 2014
Novartis announces positive results for cancer compounds for multiple myeloma, leukemia...
by Kelsey Kaustinen

January 2014
Pair will look to study cancer drugs that might treat devastating brain disease...
by Lloyd Dunlap


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April 2014
Mass spectrometry (MS) technology has advanced extremely rapidly over the last decade, with MS techniques now being widely used in life science research, and even finding their way into the clinical setting for diagnostic applications. As one of the first sectors to adopt MS technology, the drug discovery market has been at the forefront of this revolution and, as such, has now become one of the first areas of research to run up against the major limitation of the technique—sample preparation... [ more ]
by Rohit Shroff, Tecan Schweiz AG

April 2014
Taking a slight detour from the world of pharma and biotech, DDNews columnist Peter T. Kissinger lays out his plan to win the war on poverty that was ushered in during the 1960s and has struggled ever since... [ more ]
by Peter T. Kissinger

April 2014
It's easy to pick on the pharma and biotech companies and paint them as heartless, money-grubbing opportunists. But the truth is a bit more complex, and both the public and government need to update the way they look at things... [ more ]
by Jeffrey Bouley

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