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Our 2017 Media Kit is now available
Our 2018 Media Kit is now available
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Inside this issue:
October 2017
A roundup of recent research and clinical work within the realm of breast cancer, as well as substantial coverage of immuno-oncology and other cancer areas...
by Jeffrey Bouley
October 2017
NIH awards grant to Numerate to identify antiarrhythmic drug candidates...
by J. Clifford & R. Flehinger
October 2017
Erenumab could spell relief for chronic migraine sufferers...
by Lori Lesko
October 2017
Gilead secures Kite Pharma for $11.9B in second-largest deal of 2017...
by Kelsey Kaustinen
Extra September Content Online
The September 2017 issue offered four bonus items in terms of commentary and special insight in addition to that issue's guest commentary and our regular Out of Order column, three of which are only available online:
Bonus Guest Commentary
"Affinity and beyond--Assessing the alternatives to therapeutic antibodies"
New technological developments that would benefit from a new breed of affinity binders include antibody-drug conjugates that link cytotoxic drugs to targeting binders, bi-specific affinity molecules that concurrently target multiple biological pathways and new affinity reagents for the evolution of in-vivo imaging. These technologies have the potential to fundamentally reshape the industry, not only offering essential healthcare cost savings, but also to provide new medicines with improved safety and efficacy for patients. (Click here to read)
Q&A: In-vivo models of infectious disease
We speak to Adriano Flora, associate director of the Scientific Program Management Group at Taconic Biosciences (click here to read)
Patent Docs: Federal Circuit Loosens Requirements for Finding Inequitable Conduct
Earlier this month, the Federal Circuit affirmed a decision by a district court that the patent at issue before it had been obtained through inequitable conduct.  However, contrary to prevailing standards the district court used litigation misconduct rather than malfeasance during patent prosecution to justify its decision, raising fears that lawyers involved in obtaining patents for their clients may be found liable for conduct of (other) lawyers representing their clients in litigation. (Click here to read)
CRISPR commentary: Two barriers to CRISPR’s success and how they can be overcome
This item, part of our Special Focus on CRISPR for September, did appear in the issue, but doesn't show up as an individual commentary online. Read the CRISPR feature here to check it out.


Editor's Focus:
October 2017
Introducing you to one of our long-running columnists here at DDNews, Peter T. Kissinger, so that you know what kind of person you're dealing with...and what kind of experience and understanding, too, that he brings.. [ more ]
by Jeffrey Bouley

October 2017
We seems to have lost the ability to get along, and this is evident in the relationship between the life sciences and the larger society, among other places.. [ more ]
by Peter T. Kissinger

October 2017
As regulatory agencies evolve their thinking around data integrity mandates, the guidance is pointing to curbing the ability to alter data in temporary memory before it becomes permanent.. [ more ]
by Jeff Vannest of LabVantage

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