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DDNews Cancer Research Exclusive
Recent work with nanoparticles offers a new approach to photo-thermal cancer therapies
(Photo credit: University of Toronto)
The PEARLs (Photothermal Enhancing Auto-Regulated Liposomes) were developed by Dr. Gang Zheng of the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University of Toronto and colleagues, who say they overcome traditional roadblocks to penetrate deeper into tumors.
Defense Department awards Jackson Laboratory major grants to target triple-negative breast cancer
Peregrine shares data supporting a new kind of cancer diagnostic
Encouraging results seen for both BLU-554 and BLU-285, while BLU-667 gains IND approval
Karyopharm declares Phase 2 SOPRA study of selinexor a failure, but outlook remains bullish
TRC105 combined with Avastin (bevacizumab) was compared to single-agent Avastin in 101 patients with recurrent GBM following chemoradiation
Fred Hutchinson team sees tumors stop growing or shrink in small sarcoma trial featuring experimental drug based on bacteria molecule
Mixed background mouse enables researchers to examine effects of a wider range of radiation dosages
Company donates thousands of somatic interpretations to CIViC database, making Illumina the largest donor to this open access project
DDNews checks in on the growing and promising activity around immuno-oncology
by Dr. Alexey Eliseev, RXi
The “War on Cancer” declared by the National Cancer Act of 1971 proceeded through a series of evolutionary developments in chemotherapy, radiation treatments and targeted therapies, but until recently was only marginally successful in extending the lives of late-stage cancer patients. A major breakthrough has been achieved over the last decade with the development of immunotherapeutic treatments that empower a patient’s own immune cells to destroy tumors

by Dr. Brad Thompson, Oncolytics
During these heady and still-early days in the age of clinical studies involving immunotherapy, it is useful to ponder some of the outstanding questions these studies raise

by Laurie Heilmann
As the design of anticancer agents has evolved, the processes, methods and equipment used to aid the fight against cancer have too, leading to the resurgence of immunotherapy as a powerful way of fighting cancer

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