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Affibody and Algeta begin cancer work
September 2006

OSLO, Norway—Algeta ASA, a thera­peutics company developing novel anticancer agents based on alpha-particle emitting radionuclides, and Affibody AB, which is build­ing a pipeline of products based on tumor-targeting affinity mol­ecules, have announced a research collaboration to develop novel tar­geted radiotherapeutics.
The collaboration will com­bine Algeta's TH-1 technology for attaching the alpha-particle emitting radionuclide thorium-227 to peptides and proteins, with Affibody molecules that spe­cifically target tumor cells over-expressing HER2, such as breast cancer.
Targeted radiotherapeutics based on these leading-edge tech­nologies will theoretically benefit from the proven high specificity and affinity of Affibody molecules for their targets nd the high-ener­gy, short-range alpha particle radi­ation from thorium-227.
"The Affibody molecules ability to capture a specific tumor target in combination with our thorium-227 labeling technology offers great potential for developing a range of important new anticancer prod­ucts with increased specificity and potency, and reduced side effects as a result of limited radiation to other tissues," says Dr Thomas Ramdahl, CEO of Algeta.
Dr Ulf Boberg, CEO of Stockholm-based Affibody, adds: "We are very pleased to collabo­rate with Algeta; it is regarded as a leader in the field of alpha-particle emitters and this collaboration fits well with Affibody's overall HER2-targeting therapy strategy. Algeta's nuclides are viewed as superior to gamma- and beta-radiating nuclides for tumor therapy and the combination with the Affibody molecules' exquisite target-finding capabilities make this collabora­tion really exciting."



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