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Image is everything
February 2007
by Jeffrey Bouley  |  Email the author


CUPERTINO, Calif.—BioImagene recently announced a collaboration deal with HP under which BioImagene's high-content analysis and digital pathology platforms will be bundled with HP servers. Financial and other business-related details have not been disclosed. Some two-thirds of the data in the life sciences, drug discoveries and healthcare industries is in the form of images, so managing such data efficiently is a "mission critical" component for successful decision making, according to Mohan Uttarwar, CEO of BioImagene. Adding to the challenges is the fact that extracting meaningful information and knowledge from image data is still manual, inefficient and expensive, he adds. The integration of BioImagene and HP technologies reportedly will solve many of the problems in this area. And, according to Randy Chen, project leader of research informatics at Allergan, one of BioImagene's customers who has tried out the integrated technology, image management is indeed much easier now. "By implementing BioImagene's Image Management system on HP platforms, we have enabled scientists to access images and research data quickly and easily," Chen says. "The solution from BioImagene and HP is expected to provide powerful hardware and image management expertise to the image informatics community and accelerate discovery research even more cost efficiently." "What this collaboration means to customers is gains both in general efficiency and cost efficiency," notes Dr. Mat Rashidi, interim vice president of marketing and business development for BioImagene. "They can get fully integrated systems where the software and hardware both are fully tested and supported, providing peace of mind." As for the timing of the deal, Rashidi says that the high content analysis and digital pathology markets are in high growth mode right now, and "this collaboration helps our total solution offerings in these huge markets." BioImagene products include CellMine, which is focused on high-content analysis applications; TissueMine, which is geared toward digital pathology; and 3i, which is an image management tool. "Various system configurations are possible, in terms of different sizes of servers and the various BioImagene products that might be integrated with them," Rashidi notes. "A customer might want CellMine with a relatively modest server, or CellMine and TissueMine with an advanced server, or any number of other options."  
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