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PerkinElmer launches assay development service
September 2007

WALTHAM, Mass.PerkinElmer announced early last month the launch of a comprehensive assay development service for high-performance, highly sensitive assays in advanced cellular science and drug discovery research.

"Whether it's developing custom assays, increasing assay densities from 96- to 384- or 1536-well, or converting outdated assay technologies to next-generation platforms, our assay development service can fast-track development of application-specific assays for pharmaceutical and research customers, saving them time and money and letting them concentrate on analyzing results instead of setting up experiments," says Richard Eglen, vice president and general manager of the discovery and research reagents business of PerkinElmer Life and Analytical Sciences. "The service brings together PerkinElmer's advanced technologies, our expertise in high-throughput screening, and our recognized commitment to service to ensure success for our customers in their important research."

The new service offers comprehensive assay solutions for high-value GPCR and kinase cell-based screening, including highly sensitive, high-throughput platforms such as the AlphaScreen, AequoScreen, DELFIA, and LANCE technologies.

The assay development service will also provide miniaturization of tough-to-automate immunoassays. PerkinElmer's AlphaLISA technology offers a homogenous alternative to ELISAs, enabling labs to automate these assays for greater productivity and throughput while achieving higher sensitivity, a wider dynamic range and therefore more relevant data.

Following scientific consultation with the laboratory, PerkinElmer will propose development and validation studies and cost estimates. The studies may include anything from initial assay formatting and feasibility, to optimization of the assay protocol for robustness, to validation of performance characteristics such as reproducibility. During this, and other milestone phases, PerkinElmer works closely with laboratories to maintain a workable balance between cost and technical objectives. PerkinElmer assay development typically takes two to four weeks. Subsequent training, assay transfer and validation at the customer site are supported by PerkinElmer's scientists.



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