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Evotec, others to create new drug discovery center
September 2007

HAMBURG, GermanyŚWith an eye toward becoming a leading hub of Europe's academic drug discovery, Hamburg has announced the foundation of European ScreeningPort GmbH, a company that will run a state-of-the-art drug discovery service center. European ScreeningPort is being established with the support of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the City of Hamburg, Evotec AG and Norgenta, a north German life science agency. Although still in an early phase, the project has already raised more than EUR 7 million in financing.

Hamburg's new European ScreeningPort will build upon research results generated in academia. It will enable a more systematic and efficient search for promising new compounds which can subsequently be further developed. Both Evotec AG and the City of Hamburg have invested in the newly founded company, which will be run as a public-private partnership. It will also be supported with considerable funds from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

ScreeningPort reportedly will provide the missing link in Europe between academic research and the pharmaceutical industry. The research center will accelerate the translation of results generated in basic research on the causes of diseases into new therapeutics and act as a service provider for academic research institutes to access its technology, vast chemical compounds, and sample and data processing capabilities. Thus, therapeutic concepts developed at universities can undergo the same standardized, efficient and more cost-effective development processes that have, until now, been available only to industry. Pharmas and biotechs, for their part, can benefit from the research results generated at ScreeningPort and thus complement their own drug research.



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