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CCG releases FlexX/FlexSIS integration technology
November 2007

MONTREAL—Chemical Computing Group Inc. (CCG) recently announced the general release of the software resulting from its close collaboration with BioSolveIT GmbH surrounding FlexX/FlexSIS, one of the world's fastest high-precision docking engines. The integration technology will be included in the 2007.09 version of CCG's Molecular Operating Environment (MOE).
Paul Labute, president and CEO of CCG, says that "We have worked closely with BioSolveIT over the past year to combine the strengths of MOE and the strengths of FlexX/FlexSIS. The speed and flexibility of FlexX/FlexSIS is unmatched in the industry and we feel that the combination with MOE's scoring, refinement, and pharmacophore screening technology will be of great benefit to our customers. BioSolveIT has a long history of providing high-quality virtual screening technology to the pharmaceutical industry and we are very pleased with the results of our mutual efforts."
Christan Lemmen, co-founder and CEO of BioSolveIT, anticipates collaborating further with CCG to maximize the potential of the technology integration: "The integration with MOE is very exciting and we feel strongly that the combination of products will provide our customers with the best virtual screening and analysis platform in the industry." He continues, "The virtual screening market is highly competitive and challenging. Ultimately the customers will seek to combine the best available technologies. We have specialized in that market for over a decade and we are certain that an open and collaborative spirit between successful software providers is an excellent way to deliver real value to our users."



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