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September 27 - October 4, 2014
Short Course on Systems Genetics - The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor ME

September 28 - October 3, 2014
FACSS SCIX 2014 - Grand Sierra Resort, Reno-Tahoe, Nevada

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Microwave synthesis system for low-temperature chemistries, CEM Corporation
May 2005

The Discover CoolMate is a micro-wave-based system designed to perform sub-ambient temperature chemistries including the formation of carbanions and other highly reactive intermediates, as well as carbohydrate chemistry. CoolMate provides increased speed and greater yields and is ideal for affecting stereochemical outcomes.
With the addition of the CoolMate module, the Discover line of Focused Microwave Synthesis instruments covers the full spectrum of synthetic chemistry using microwave energy. The system's proprietary, jacketed, low-temperature vessel and cooling technology keep the bulk temperature of the reactants low, preventing thermal degradation of the product while microwave energy drives the reaction kinetically. Measurement of the actual temperature is accomplished with an in situ fiber-optic probe placed directly into the reaction mixture.
CEM Corporation


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