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Next-Generation DNA Sequencing Platform
November 2007

Applied Biosystems announces commercial availability of the SOLiD System, the company's next-generation DNA sequencing platform. The SOLiD System is distinguished by unparalleled throughput, scalability, accuracy, and application flexibility which set new expectations of discovery for researchers striving to conduct a wide range of applications. The SOLiD System is an end-to-end next-generation genetic analysis solution comprised of the sequencing unit, chemistry, a computing cluster and data storage. The platform is based on sequencing by oligonucleotide ligation and detection. Unlike polymerase sequencing approaches, the SOLiD System utilizes a proprietary technology called stepwise ligation, which generates high-quality data for applications including: whole genome sequencing, chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP), microbial sequencing, digital karyotyping, medical sequencing, genotyping, gene expression, and small RNA discovery, among others. The system can be scaled to support a higher density of sequence per slide through bead enrichment. Beads are an integral part of the SOLiD System's open-slide format architecture, enabling the system to exceed 4 gigabases of sequence data per run in Applied Biosystems' development laboratories. The combination of the open-slide format, bead enrichment, and software algorithms provide the infrastructure for allowing it to scale to even higher throughput without significant changes to the platform's current hardware or software.  The SOLiD System has a raw base accuracy greater than 99.94% after 2-base encoding, a mechanism that discriminates random or systematic errors from true SNPs. This represents a 5-fold higher accuracy than any data published to date on alternative next-generation sequencing platforms. The platform's high accuracy, combined with mate-pair analysis, enables detection of sequence variation including SNPs, gene copy number variations, single-base duplications, inversions, insertions and deletions.
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