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Mouse MModel for Study of OCT1 and OCT2 Transporter Proteins
October 2007

Taconic introduces the Oct1/2 Targeted Mutation Mouse for use in research involving pharmacology, oral bioavailability, oncology, pharmacokinetics, and neurology.  The proteins OCT1 and OCT2 are directly involved in the absorption and excretion processes of food components and xenobiotic compounds in the liver, small intestine and kidney, as well as activity in other tissues such as brain, heart, stomach and skeletal muscle.  The Oct1/2 Targeted Mutation mouse is thus ideal for use in a variety of ADME-Tox research applications. OCT1 and OCT2 are members of the solute carrier family 22 (organic cation transporter). These proteins are located on the surface of epithelial cells in the liver, intestine, and kidney. Because these transporters control the renal secretion of small organic cations, they are thought to play an essential role in removing toxins from the body.  In humans, OCT1 is primarily expressed in the liver, and OCT2 is expressed primarily in the kidneys.  However, in rodents, OCT1 is primarily expressed in the liver, small intestine, and kidney, with some expression in the brain, heart, stomach, and skeletal muscle.  Rodent OCT2 is expressed mainly in the kidneys, as in humans, however it is also expressed in the small intestine, liver, and brain.  To generate this knockout model, Alfred Schinkel and his team at the Netherlands Cancer Institute targeted the genes responsible for the organic cation transporters OCT1 and OCT2, Slc22a1 and Slc22a2, in 129/Ola-derived E14 ES cells.  They injected the target cells into C57BL/6 mouse blastocysts to create chimeras which were then backcrossed to FVB/N mice for seven generations. Both male and female homozygous targeted mutation mice are available at Taconic's website in two different age groups: 4 to 8 weeks and 9 to 12 weeks.
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