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Asterand and BioWisdom integrate quantitative gene expression database and discovery platform
March 2009

DETROIT—Asterand plc and BioWisdom Ltd. announced in February a data syndication agreement to provide value added delivery of Asterand's human gene expression profiles through BioWisdom's intelligence solutions. Terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

Through this agreement, BioWisdom gains access to the data within Asterand's proprietary Target Evaluator database. The database consists of quantitative human gene expression profiles that chart the expression topography of more than 2,500 commercially relevant gene transcripts across a panel of 72 human tissues. These profiles are systematically generated using high quality human RNA and a sensitive RT-PCR protocol. BioWisdom will harmonize the data with its software solutions, enabling the information to be combined with other public and private sources or utilized independently as raw data or assertional meta data. The harmonized Asterand data will be available as an entire dataset or sub-sets of selected targets and tissues.

Asterand CEO Martyn Coombs said in a statement that the combination of the company's human gene expression profile data with BioWisdom's ontology software solutions will be a powerful tool in the discovery of new pathway specific therapeutic strategies, biomarker applications and potential side-effect liabilities for drug candidates that interact with specific targets.

"In addition, BioWisdom's hands-on experience in the drug discovery market will ensure that we are able to maximize the return from our considerable investment in creating Asterand's human gene expression database over several years," Coombs added.

Gordon Smith Baxter, CEO of BioWisdom said that the partnership is the first of many the company plans to secure with providers of high-quality premium data.
"Data on its own can provide value, but it is in the context of other data that it really begins to enlighten," Baxter said. "Our ontological approach is perfectly suited to the task of integrating diverse data sets and we are delighted with the opportunity that this relationship provides."



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