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Solvay, Mayo tackle GI motility disorders
September 2005
by Jeffrey Bouley  | 


MARIETTA, Ga.—Solvay Pharmaceuticals recently announced an agreement to collaborate with the Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research to investigate a novel mechanism of action to treat gastrointestinal motility disorders.
Under the terms of the agreement, Mayo granted licenses to Solvay for the use of Mayo's patent rights to develop products, processes and methods for public use for this mechanism of action. Once Mayo has completed confirmatory studies on the concept, Solvay Pharmaceuticals will collaborate with Mayo to screen Solvay's pipeline molecules and identify those with a high affinity toward this mechanism of action.
"Mayo Clinic was the holder of the intellectual property. Mayo chose to work with Solvay due to our long-standing relationship and our expertise in the area of motility disorders," explains Thom Rowland, vice president of commercial operations for GI and Women's Health at Solvay. "We have (also) worked with Mayo in inflammatory bowel disease. However, this is the first project involving potential new therapeutic treatment."
"Solvay Pharmaceuticals and the Mayo have a long history of collaboration and we are pleased to explore this important concept together," says Dr. Harold Shlevin, Solvay's president and chief executive officer. "This agreement is an integral part of the company's commitment to developing innovative treatments for patients with gastrointestinal motility disorders."
Dr. Gianrico Farrugia, a Mayo Clinic gastroenterologist, will lead the research.
The number of molecules Mayo will screen hasn't been determined, Rowland says. Because the collaboration is in its early stages, he would not disclose details about the mechanism of action, except to say that the potential treatment works in the serotonin system.
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