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The fool with email
by Randall C. Willis  |  Email the author

Day after day, alone with email
The man with the foolish thoughts
Writes an editorial.
But nobody takes him serious,
They can see that he likes to fool,
And he provides some respite
But the fool with email
Sees the year winding down,
And the thoughts in his head,
Make a jing-jangly sound.
Well on their way, in 2006,
Pharma with a thousand choices,
Many leads do abound.
But nobody knows which one will
Improve the old bottom line.
They hope in the new fiscal season
That their pipelines will swell
As the techniques improve,
And the patients get well
With the drugs Feds approve.
While none can predict the future,
They know how they would like to do,
Even still they show their feelings
That the folks in great need
On the globe that we live
Make a new crop of meds
A great imperative.
With our help these folks'll go on,
'cuz they know that we've the tools
To help the world.
And this fool with email
Wishes you and yours well,
As another year dawns
And we see hope yet swell.



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