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January 19-23, 2015
PepTalk - San Diego, CA

February 7-11, 2015
SLAS2015 - Washington, DC

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NWO to fund proteomics research facility
April 2012

DEN HAAG, The Netherlands—The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) will be funding $17.6 million for a large-scale proteomics research facility known as Proteins@Work. The project will be coordinated by Albert Heck of the Netherlands Proteomics Centre and PRIME-XS, and it will receive the funds over a period of five years as part of the Dutch National Road Map for Large-scale Research Facilities. The new facility will produce technology and equipment for the study of proteins in cells and tissues that are available for researchers in the Netherlands. The Proteins@Work program is a collaborative effort between Utrecht University, the UMC Utrecht, the Hubrecht Institute, the Erasmus MC Rotterdam and the Netherlands Cancer Institute, and it builds on the Netherlands Proteomics Centre and PRIME-XS.


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