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Inside this issue:
March 2015
Pfizer makes first M&A deal since failing to land AstraZeneca, committing to $17 billion for Hospira...
by Jeff Bouley & Lloyd Dunlap

March 2015
Current focus is on preclinical testing of innovative dual-mechanism PIM/PI3K inhibitor IBL-202...
by Jeffrey Bouley

February 2015
Acquisition is a further step by Shire toward building itself into a leading biotech ...
by Jeffrey Bouley

February 2015
Molecular information collaboration leverages companies’ strengths to advance progress of personalized treatments for oncology...
by Lloyd Dunlap

Top Story
106th American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting 2015
Pennsylvania Convention Center
April 18-22, 2015
AACR 2015 Show Preview: Bringing cancer discoveries to the patients
AACR will be bringing the world’s largest oncology research conference to Philadelphia this spring

SLAS2015 Post-show Wrap-up
If you missed the Society for Lab Automation and Screening meeting recently, here are a few highlights (click any or all of the headlines below):
The first SLAS event on the East Coast deemed a strong success
As is the SLAS tradition, a host of distinctive awards were recognized at SLAS2015
New fund to support graduate fellowships in quantitative biosciences
Results provide a snapshot of how laboratories across North America are planning to spend for equipment, staffing and facilities in 2015
SLAS provides startup companies with exposure and prestige by granting complimentary exhibit space and in-kind support

Editor's Focus:
March 2015
DDNews columnist and Features Editor Randall C Willis weighs in on the contentious issue of vaccination and suggests that both sides of the debate may not have much basis for debate in the truest sense of the word.. [ more ]
by Randall C Willis

March 2015
Treatment of many types of pain has relied on opioids, which bring their own set of problems. DDNews Managing Editor Lloyd Dunlap explores some of the progress that may mitigate such problems.. [ more ]
by Lloyd Dunlap

March 2015
Could a growing interest in rare disease on the part of venture capitalists be to the detriment of novel discoveries by up-and-coming pharmas and biotechs with regard to diseases that affect large populations of patients?.. [ more ]
by Jeffrey Bouley

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