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September 18-19, 2014

September 18, 2014

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Microscope with modular design for rapid automation development
Applied Scientific InstrumentationInc.
The RAMM system's modular design allows a custom system to be easily developed. The microscope is configurable with infinity-corrected optics, filter cubes, filterwheels and detectors. Automated features include high-speed XY stages, piezo and motorized focusing, auto-focus and a robotic specimen loader. The system provides a solid platform, and has been designed for flexible cost-effective OEM development using high-quality, high-MTBF components to reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction.
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Hybrid multi-mode microplate reader
BioTek Instruments Inc.
BioTek Instruments Inc. recently introduced Synergy H1, a cost-effective hybrid multi-mode microplate reader featuring a high-performance filter system and flexible monochromator system. The reader is compatible with Take3 plate with 2 L microspots for low-volume assays and advanced quadruple monochromator optics. Dichroic-based filter optics enables fluorescence polarization and TR-FRET.
BioTek Instruments Inc. | (802) 655-4740
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System integrates automated liquid handling system within genomics workflow
Eppendorf North America Inc.
Eppendorf's recently launched epMotion 5075 TMX PC system automates the manual steps within the next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflow, including end repair, A-tailing, adaptor ligation, size separation, bead-based cleanup steps and PCR setup, among other applications. The epMotion 5075 TMX PC version with epBlue software is a convenient way to use an automated liquid handling system within the genomics workflow. With Eppendorf's Thermomixer (TMX) technology integrated inside and a flexible and open platform capable of adapting to the varying needs of each NGS platform, the epMotion 5075 TMX is an ideal tool for increasing laboratory productivity and efficiencies where NGS is employed.
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Sciclone G3 Liquid Handling Workstation
Caliper Life Sciences Inc.
The Sciclone G3, the latest iteration of Caliper's plate-prep workhorse, features a 96- or 384-channel pipetting head, optional eight-channel pipettor and/or bulk reagent dispenser as well as Caliper's new "PING!" non-contact liquid level detection technology to ensure that all samples are processed during vacuum or pressure filtration. Sciclone also supports mag bead-based separations along with a large variety of on-deck shaking, heating and cooling options. The Sciclone G3T version with point-and-click capability supports up to 96 sample tubes with "smart" racks that ensure proper sample loading and identification prior to assay runs.
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Compact, automated pipetting workstation
Hamilton Robotics
MicroLab NIMBUS is Hamilton's compact, automated pipetting workstation, offering a high-density deck in a small footprint. Available in four-independent channel or 96 multi-channel head platforms, NIMBUS provides speed, flexibility and high-performance air displacement pipetting at an affordable price, even for small, budget-challenged labs. An optional gripper with extended reach allows for easy labware transport and seamless integration to peripheral devices.
Hamilton Robotics| (800) 648-5950
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Multi-mode microplate reader
Molecular Devices Inc.
The patent-pending SpectraMax Paradigm Platform allows users to upgrade the functionality of their instrument directly with no service call or factory shipment. Upgrading can be done in less than two minutes. This flexibility provides a platform that can be easily adapted to meet constantly evolving application needs and ever-advancing detection technologies while accommodating a range of budgets. With multiple detection modes, including AlphaScreen and HTRF, as well as 1536-well microplate compatibility to support high-throughput screening, the SpectraMax Paradigm Reader is also ideal for assay development, lead identification and lead optimization.
Molecular Devices Inc. | (800) 635-5577
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Kit measures cell response to stress
Seahorse Bioscience

The XF Cell Mito Stress Test Kit, recently introduced by Seahorse Bioscience Inc., makes it easy to quantify cellular bioenergetics, identify mitochondrial dysfunction and measure cells' response to stress, enabling the user to gain a greater understanding of cancer, aging, and metabolic, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases. The kit measures the four key parameters of mitochondrial dysfunction in a microplate--basal respiration, ATP turnover, proton leak and reserve capacity--in real time.
Seahorse Bioscience | (978) 671-1600
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