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September 19-21, 2014

September 23-25, 2014
Mip-Tec - Congress Center, Basel, Switzerland

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AP-3000 label-free screening system
Fujifilm Life Science
This fully automated workstation dedicated to SPR has a built-in, 12-channel disposable tip pipette and robotics for moving microplates, tip boxes, reagents and SPR sensors. Up to 3,840 discreet small-molecule/protein interactions can be measured in 24 hours with no user intervention. The AP-3000 allows for the screening of fragment molecules with molecular weights as low as 100 daltons.
For more information, contact Fujifilm
or call 860-378-5152
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EL406 Microplate Washer Dispenser
BioTek Instruments Inc.
The EL406 offers fast, full plate washing capability using BioTek’s patented Dual Action manifold, optimized washing for loosely adherent cell monolayers, built-in Ultrasonic Advantage for unattended wash manifold maintenance, up to 4 wash buffers for complex wash routines and choice of either peristaltic or microprocessor controlled syringe pump based reagent dispensers—all from the industry leader in microplate washing.
For more information, contact BioTek Instruments
or call 800-451-5171
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Asterand’s PhaseZERO platform
Asterand’s PhaseZERO platform utilizes human tissues in vitro to generate data that drive target validation and compound evaluation to help take safe and effective drugs to clinic. We offer standard and custom assays in IHC, ISH, cell and tissue-based pharmacology across various therapeutic areas. Asterand’s worldwide procurement network facilitates timely access to frozen, fixed and fresh human tissue samples for conducting these experiments.
For more information, contact Asterand
or call 313-263-0960
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New Detection Cartridges Expand Modular PARADIGM Platform
Beckman Coulter
Beckman Coulter announces four new detection cartridges for its PARADIGM platform, bringing the number of choices to 14. New offerings include a cartridge for BRET2* live cell assays, an additional fluorescence cartridge covering dyes such as Rhodamine and Cy3 -Cy5, Cy5.5 and two luminescence cartridges, adding optimized 384- and 96-well detection to the LUM offering that already includes 1536-well capability. (For research use only; not for use in diagnostic procedures.) *BRET2 is a registered trademark of PerkinElmer.
For more information, contact Beckman Coulter
or call 800-742-2345
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Venus One application software
Hamilton Robotics
Hamilton Company’s popular MicroLab STAR line of automated pipetting workstations gets even more powerful with VENUS ONE, the next generation in smart instrument control software. Designed around the daily needs of researchers in today’s busy labs, VENUS ONE offers a more intuitive and practical approach to STAR workstation programming, making it easy to learn and even easier to use.
For more information, contact Hamilton Robotics
or call 775-858-3000
Visit us at DDT Booth #627
Fibronectin and laminin coated 384-well & 1536-well microplates
BioMedTech Laboratories Inc.
384-well and 1536-well microplates are available pre-coated with Fibronectin or Laminin. All microplate formats are available including glass-bottom, clear-bottom, low-volume, low-base, and low-profile. Collagen, BME, PDL, and Gelatin coatings are also offered. Coated 96-well plates, multiwell-style plates, flasks (standard, robotic, and expanded), dishes and roller-bottles are also available.
For more information contact BioMedTech
or call 239-384-9138
Visit us at DDT Booth #617
Adaptive robotic liquid pipettor
Hudson Control Group
The new Hudson SOLO High Resolution Liquid Dispenser has the added capability of supporting a grouping of multiple syringes (up to 10) with varying bore sizes to support very tiny (<1 uL) to very large (>10 mL) aspirating and dispensing volumes, all on the same unit. With the smallest footprint of any comparable liquid-handling robot, the low cost SOLO is able to perform DNA transformations, cherry picking, serial dilutions and plate replications.
For more information, contact Hudson Control Group
or call 973-376-7400
Visit us at DDT Booth #429  
Ready-to-Assay GPCR Calcium-Optimized Cells
Ready-to-Assay GPCR Calcium-Optimized Cells are a convenient, cryopreserved version of our ChemiScreen GPCR cell lines. Like traditional counterparts, each line abundantly expresses a selected GPCR and provides a common calcium flux readout for any GPCR, regardless of native Gá coupling. But Ready-to-Assay cells, instead of needing extensive prior tissue culture, can be thawed directly into an assay plate for experiments the next day.
For more information, contact Millipore
or call 978-762-5147
Visit us at DDT Booth #829 
SensiQ Pioneer
ICx Nomadics Inc.
The SensiQ Pioneer fully automated, cost-effective SPR system is designed to provide high quality affinity and kinetic data of biomolecular interactions in application areas such as antibody selection and screening and small molecule-protein interaction studies. Optimized microfluidics, innovative optics and a wide range of surface chemistries combine to provide high sensitivity as well as accurate and precise on-rate, off-rate and affinity data.
For more information, contact ICx Nomadics
or call 405-239-8600
Visit us at DDT Booth #526
PHERAstar FS multidetection microplate reader for assay optimization
BMG LabtecH GmbH
BMG Labtech’s new PHERAstar FS – the ultimate multidetection microplate reader. Features include a UV laser dedicated for TR-FRET measurements, an ultra fast UV/Vis spectrometer for full spectrum absorbance, an AlphaScreen laser, simultaneous dual emission reading in all modes, advanced top/bottom reading including high-resolution cell layer scanning and on-board reagent injection for precision kinetic measurements. The PHERAstar FS – this powerful new HTS machine has it all in one complete package.
For more information, contact BMG Labtech
or call +49-781-969680 (U.S. 877-BMG-LABS)
Visit us at DDT Booth #434
ActivityBase XE
The latest release of ActivityBase XE 7.1 from IDBS brings you new visualization power and huge time savings for all your high throughput screening needs. Version 7.1 includes support for time series data, significant performance improvements when executing single point or dose response calculations and a background results writing service to accelerate screening workflow.
For more information, contact IDBS
or call +01483 595010
Visit us at DDT Booth #613
InforSense Translational Research Solution
The InforSense Translational Research Solution provides out-of-the-box tools and capabilities to integrate basic scientific research data and techniques with clinical research to improve disease understanding and patient care. It provides a powerful and flexible framework to integrate and analyze clinical, patient specimen and experimental data for translational research. The solution enables different user groups to integrate data and construct analysis workflows which can then be deployed to a wider scientific audience.
For more information, contact InforSense
or call 617-547-2500
Visit us at DDT Booth #830
Decode RNAi viral screening pools
Open Biosystems
Open Biosystems launches Decode RNAi viral screening pools targeting the entire human genome. These ready-to-use lentiviral shRNA pools extend RNAi screening to primary and non-dividing cells, produce efficient single copy knockdown and are optimized for positive selection screens. Decode RNAi viral screening kits are a cost-effective solution for genome-scale multiplexed RNAi screening.
For more information, contact Open Biosystems
or call 256-704-4848
Visit us at DDT Booth #608
BioStation CT
Nikon Instruments Inc.
BioStation CT is a totally robotic cell culture incubator, microscope and digital camera optimized for long-term time-lapse imaging. Ideal for drug screening applications, BioStation CT has phase and fluorescence capabilities over a range of magnifications. The BioStation CT (cell tracker) accommodates 30 separate dishes, well plates, or flasks and with CT-AS, automated image analysis measures cell numbers and confluency.
For more information, contact Nikon Instruments,
or call 631-547-8501
Visit us at DDT Booth #835 
IMD Bioprofiling
InterMed Discovery
Drawing on over 200 HTScreening Campaigns, IMD Bioprofiling is unique in offering over 10 million data points making it the industry’s leading technology for the prediction of the biological activity of natural products. Added to this, InterMed Discovery possesses the largest collections of pure compounds, sample fractions and mixtures as its source for potential natural product leads in the industry.
For more information, contact InterMed Discovery
or call +49 231 9742 6060
Visit us at DDT Booth #439
MatriCal Inc.
SQUIRT microplate washer performs both ELISA and cell-based assays, including gentle washing of cellular monolayer. Manifold design (patent pending) outperforms the conventional clog-prone nozzles. Its unique approach inverts the plate to be scanned with liquid and air slit manifolds. SQUIRT can efficiently wash all SBS formatted plates (96, 384, and 1536) on the same unit.
For more information, contact MatriCal
or call 509-343-6244
Visit us at DDT Booth #414
FDSS7000 high-throughput screening system for cell-based assays
Hamamatsu Corp.
FDSS7000 is a high-throughput screening system for cell-based assays using fluorescence or luminescence probes. It offers simultaneous and reliable 1536 dispensing, plus other key features found in its predecessor, such as dual dispensers and integrated stackers. Both disposable 1536 tips and pins can be used. The system also has three separate wash stations with a sonicator.
For more information, contact Hamamatsu
or call 301-424-8459
Visit us at DDT Booth #927
Mosaic software suite for efficient sample management
Titian Software
Titian’s Mosaic software suite for sample management has been proven in use by many of the top pharmaceutical companies worldwide. Mosaic is a comprehensive product with modules to control and monitor all aspects of sample storage and preparation. These include sample inventory tracking and ordering, workflow management, control of third party robotic equipment such as automated stores and liquid handlers and integration with existing IT systems. Mosaic’s modularity makes it suitable for large and small companies alike. From small biotech to global pharma, Mosaic can provide a seamless, error-free sample supply chain.
For more information, contact Titian Software
or call +44 (0) 20 7367 68 69
Visit us at DDT Booth #540
Web version of SciFinder 
Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS)
CAS’s new SciFinder enhances the research experience via the Web. This research discovery tool provides scientists with access to the most comprehensive, single source for scientific information in journals and patent literature from around the world. Explore the CAS databases that contain literature from many scientific disciplines including biomedical sciences, chemistry, engineering, materials science, agricultural science and more.
For more information, contact Chemical Abstracts Service
or call 800-753-4227 (North America) or 614-447-3700 (worldwide)
Visit us at DDT Booth #535
AcroSep ion exchange chromatography columns
Pall Life Sciences
Pall’s new AcroSep Chromatography Columns offer “gel-in-a-shell” technology for accelerating protein sample preparation and analysis. AcroSep columns are designed for optimization studies of protein purification schemes using small sample volumes prior to scale-up. The 1 mL columns are compatible for use with syringes, pumps, or automated instruments. The luer lock design allows the columns to link to any system.
For more information, contact Pall Life Sciences
or call 800-521-1520 (USA and Canada) or 800-PALL-LIFE (Outside USA and Canada)
Visit us at DDT Booth #443
PAA Laboratories Inc.
FBS Gold is the first defined FBS for your cell culture. In a unique manufacturing process the serum is first separated into its components by different purification steps. Secondly, these componenets are then brought together under defined conditions. These processes eliminate the need for batch testing and lot reservation. FBS Gold is pretested in many cell systems. It is not a synthetic product nor does it contain any other animal sera than FBS.
For more information, contact PAA
or call 508-984-5881
Visit us at DDT Booth #828
Omni THQ digital tissue homogenizer
Omni International-The Homogenizer Company
The NEW Omni THQ is a digital tissue homogenizer that provides extremely accurate and repeatable results in a lightweight, hand-held design. Omni’s new Whisper Drive Technology employs a maintenance-free brushless motor that is both ultra-quiet and ultra-reliable. An integrated digital speed display ensures consistent results for a variety of applications.
For more information, contact Omni International,
or call 800-989-OMNI
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Acoustic technology for label-free interaction analysis
TTP LabTech
TTP LabTech now offers the RAP•id 4 instrument for resonant acoustic profiling (RAP) and label free interaction analysis. The technology is based on resonant quartz sensor technology optimized for the detection of molecular interactions. RAP•id 4 is a flow-based analysis system which reduces the need to purify samples and generates accurate kinetic, affinity and concentration measurements from complex mixtures, such as blood, serum, cell culture supernatants and periplasmic extracts.
For more information, contact TTP LabTech
or call +44 1763 262626 (617-494 9794 in U.S.)
Visit us at DDT Booth #729
The Precision Alliance
The Minibot is a family of miniature actuators for positioning microplates, glass slides, etc. in instrument applications. The minimalist design provides everything needed for a positioning system and remains flexible with a variety of options for motors, drive screws, limit sensors, and travel that is selectable by the millimeter. Contact TPA today for more information.
For more information, contact TPA
or call 803-396-5544
Visit us at DDT Booth #713
PathfINDAr drug development planning tool
PathfINDAr is our proprietary expert drug development planning tool that enables our multi-disciplinary scientific staff to create your development plan. This tool is an intricate database of more than 1,600 lines of drug development tasks and associated costs that result in plans that mitigate risk, anticipate pitfalls and highlight the gaps to allow clients to confidently meet their development goals.
For more information, contact PharmaDirections
or call 919-657-0660
Visit us at DDT Booth #539
Pressure BioSciences Inc.
PBI offers a kit and pressure-enhanced method for improved enzymatic digestion of proteins, a critical step in mass spectrometry analysis. The kit contains special processing containers used with PBI’s pressure cycling technology (PCT) to accelerate in-gel or in-solution proteolytic digestion from hours to minutes and improves sequence coverage through better enzyme access to hindered cleavage sites on substrate proteins.
For more information, contact Pressure BioSciences
or call 508-230-1828
Visit us at DDT Booth #714
Quadra 4 next-generation liquid handling workstation
Tomtec introduces the new Quadra 4—the next generation liquid handling workstation. This new instrument adds functionality to the existing Quadra family featuring an embedded PC, 15” color display and the ability to program the instrument using a graphical user interface without the requirement of a standalone computer. The Quadra 4 also offers 7 interchangeable pipetting heads including our new DMV (disposable multi-volume) head.
For more information, contact Tomtec
or call 203-281-6790 or 877-866-8323
Visit us at DDT Booth #628
VP 771L Magnetic Separation Block
V&P Scientific Inc.
V&P’s VP 771L Magnetic Separation Block is designed for high-throughput bioseparation using paramagnetic particles in 96-well PCR plates. Cone-shaped wells are localized to 96 holes in the block so skirted or non-skirted plates can be used. One strong Neodymium magnet, for each 4 wells, is positioned to pull a single bead pellet about halfway up the well.
For more information, contact V&P Scientific
or call 858-455-0463
Visit us at DDT Booth #528
Inventory Enterprise
CambridgeSoft Corp.
Enhancing CambridgeSoft’s Informatics product line is the newest version of Inventory Enterprise; a Web-based application designed to manage vital data associated with both chemical and biological substances. Version 10.0 has taken the user experience to the next level by creating easy-to-use batching functionality, sample request and fulfillment workflows as well as improved Zebra barcode printing functionality. These features and more pertaining to hazard pictograms and data loading capabilities are included.
For more information, contact CambridgeSoft
or call 617-588-9185
Visit us at DDT Booth #607
Neurotransmitter Transporter Uptake Assay Kit
Molecular Devices
Molecular Devices, now part of MDS Analytical Technologies, introduces its live cell Neurotransmitter Transporter Uptake Assay Kit. With this novel assay researchers will now have a single tool to screen for live cell kinetic uptake of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin in a homogeneous, fluorescence-based, high-throughput screening procedure that eliminates the use of radioactive tags or labels.
For more information, contact Molecular Devices
or call 408-548-6062
Visit us at DDT Booth #618

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