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April 26-30, 2014

April 29-30, 2014
Genomics Research - Sanfrancisco, CA

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Companion Diagnostics - from Early Drug Discovery to Clinical Applications - 201
Location: The Oxford Belfry

Companion Diagnostics - from Early Drug Discovery to Clinical Applications 2012



Conference Overview



With recent heightened regulatory approval pressure, there needs to be a practical method available to demonstrate the effective performance of a treatment. In response, Companion Diagnostics are playing an increasingly critical role in the development of new therapeutic agents. As a result, research into key diagnostic technologies has become a hot topic, especially areas such as biomarkers, assay development and detection techniques. This has naturally led to the need to conduct diagnostic research in parallel with the early stages of drug discovery.



This conference will highlight state-of-the-art scientific research and technologies, enabling the provision of tools for the development of Companion Diagnostics.


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