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December 3-5, 2014
World Stem Cell Summit - SAn Antonio, TX

December 6-10, 2014

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It was in 2004 at the LabAutomation conference in San Jose, Calif., when we introduced an innovative concept in our market: DDNews, a monthly newspaper dedicated to the news of technology and business in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Industry friends and competitors alike wished us luck, but we knew what they were really thinking: “Lots of luck!” It was a crowded market for publications covering drug discovery, but as time went on, many of those publications merged, folded or cut their services to readers—while DDNews continued to invest in our readership.
Now celebrating our 10th year in 2014, DDNews continues to produce many vehicles that disseminate the news. Knowing that people get their information from more than one source, we offer many fully integrated “touchpoints” to deliver the news. We curently offer 15 sources of news to our readers and several marketing vehicles to our advertisers.  
DDNews’ monthly print newspaper, which has a circulation of more than 30,000 drug-discovery research professionals throughout North America, is akin to the business section of your daily newspaper, but delivers news that is specific to the pharma/biotech industries. For DDNews, the press releases that pique our interest are merely the starting point. From there, our business news journalists hit the phones and conduct interviews with the principals involved in a story—and often those not directly involved—to give an outside perspective. In other words, we dig to get the “story behind the story,” always with a keen eye toward how the story affects the business of drug discovery.  
Regular features and departments provide you with the latest news involving global partnerships and business deals; automation, instrumentation and informatics trends; diagnostics and personalized medicine; ‘omics and systems biology developments; research and development efforts; contract research service providers and industry outsourcing; government/regulatory developments; new products and services; financial market trends; relevant market research; people and events, and much more.  
While early in our history, DDNews focused on mergers and acquisitions—which continue to reshape this market—DDNews' journalists also find themselves increasingly reporting on collaborations and licensing deals between companies of all sizes and specialties, technology providers and academic institutions, all of which are expected to have significant clinical implications in the next decade or so. While we continue to develop news products in response to these trends, our monthly print newspaper will remain the “mother ship” of our rapidly growing company. We’ll celebrate our roots as we integrate our newspaper with our many other vehicles.
One of our specialized news divisions, DDNews Special Reports, gives us opportunities several times throughout the year to examine specific trends or current topics of importance to the drug discovery arena. This year, our industry-leading editors are taking an in-depth look at the burgeoning areas of cancer research, drug repurposing, stem cell research and personalized medicine. These topics represent some of the fastest-growing areas of research and are of great interest to readers and advertisers alike.
In August 2011, we launched another news division, DDNews Market Research, in which we share with its readers periodic surveys conducted with Mizuho Securities USA Inc. (MSUSA) about various life-science research trends and topics. MSUSA is the U.S. investment banking subsidiary of the Mizuho Financial Group in Tokyo, one of the world’s largest banking organizations. MSUSA will use the data collected in these surveys to help gauge spending in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. We will continue to conduct surveys and share this meaningful market research with you once per quarter.   
In September 2011, we launched DDNews Cancer Research News, which houses all of our reporting on the latest oncology research news, trends and resources. This offshoot web resource showcases all of our cancer-related coverage, features some of the industry’s oncology leaders and serves as a bridge between you and the cancer community. In addition, a special RSS feed at the top of the page puts you just one click away from our up-to-the-minute cancer-related headlines.
DDNews Online is a twice-monthly, opt-in, subscription-based e-newsletter reaching more than 60,400 subscribers worldwide. This e-newsletter covers breaking business stories as well as recent significant research findings, and gives you a list of industry conferences and events that you may be interested in attending.  
And of course, DDNews’ website,, is a fully integrated, online news portal housing all of our in-depth content, industry resources, product literature, white papers and archived print issues. With EditConnect and AdvConnect features, DDNews provides our readers with links to additional editorial and product resources. DDNews’ web usage last year generated more than 4.6 million downloaded pages.  
The DDNews e-New Product Showcase is delivered on a quarterly schedule to more than 60,000 recipients. Much like the product showcases we have developed for industry trade groups like SLAS and AACR, the e-New Product Showcase delivers information on worldwide new products and services, with hyperlinks to manufacturer and supplier websites as well as embedded product videos.
Readers of DDNews’ various news vehicles include senior management; lab managers; principal investigators and scientists in pharma/biotech companies; scientific professionals in academia involved in drug R&D; CROs; government agencies; and clinical consultants.
We will continue to invest in these important news vehicles as our audience continues to grow and the industry continues to evolve.  
DDNEWS is published by Old River Publications LLC, an innovative publishing company founded in 2005 by Bruce Poorman, president and publisher, and Larry Doyle, executive vice president and associate publisher. With corporate offices in Rocky River, Ohio, just west of Cleveland, our editorial, production, marketing and advertising sales staff are located in key locations throughout the country.
We invite you to subscribe to any of DDNews' news products and give us your comments by e-mail or through our periodic reader surveys.  
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