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DDNews Cancer Research Exclusive
(Photo credit: Stephan Lab / Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center)
Biomedical mesh loaded with T cells and implanted on tumors led to tumor clearance in mouse models, Fred Hutchinson team reports
Digging deeper into repertoires means tapping into Plan B (cell)
Trio Pharmaceuticals and Ajinomoto enter into development collaboration
Compugen Ltd. recently shared news of the publication of a peer-reviewed paper in Cancer Immunology Research regarding BAY 1905254, which is an immune checkpoint inhibitor of the immunoglobulin-like domain containing receptor 2
Recent happenings on the R&D front to better understand cancer and create oncology therapeutics
TAE Life Sciences secures $30 million in initial B round funds
Antibody therapeutic from Compugen demonstrates no dose-limiting toxicities
Libtayo shows promise for a second indication
Bold Therapeutics and Hana Pharm execute option for exclusive development and commercialization rights to BOLD-100 in South Korea
Focus Feature On Cancer Research News:
A roundup of recent research and development efforts in brain and lung cancers
by Martin Lachs/Brandon Fletcher
As excitement and investment related to adoptive cell transfer products increases, there are concerns and issues that need to be addressed in terms of long-term follow-up trials

by Sue Cramp, Charles River
In pursuit of new options for treating childhood cancers, a new approach to drug discovery and development may be an answer

by Andrea Toell of Lonza
Andrea Toell of Lonza shares how CAR T cells are transforming immuno-oncology

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