New testing option for prostate cancer
June 2018

NEW YORK—NucleoBio Inc. is advancing a new diagnostic, Prostac, which it hopes will enable users to determine between indolent and aggressive prostate cancer. The molecular biomarker test is a quantitative polymerase chain reaction-based test that can be performed on urine or blood samples, and NucleoBio has already received one of three patents for the related technology.
“Prostac is a non-invasive, urine-based test that will resolve numerous flaws in existing prostate cancer screening methods,” said Dr. Charles Oyesile, CEO and co-founder of NucleoBio. “Up to 75 percent of prostate-specific antigen tests given today return a false positive; the tests suggest there is prostate cancer when it’s actually not. As a result, patients are being misdiagnosed, overtreated and overcharged. These situations cause patients heightened anxiety and undue stress. Prostac is going to drastically improve healthcare for men and dramatically disrupt the healthcare industry.”

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