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Millennium, Presage ink research agreement
May 2012

SEATTLE—A new cancer research agreement was established in April between Presage Biosciences and Millennium: The Takeda Oncology Company. Under the agreement, Millennium will gain access to Presage's proprietary technology platform for the non-clinical identification of effective novel drug combinations in solid tumors, for which Presage will be entitled to upfront fees and research funding, as well as development and regulatory milestones based on the identification of successful drug combinations. Specific financial details were not disclosed.  
"Presage's technology platform allows us to obtain in-depth non-clinical in-vivo data that is typically difficult to gather by conventional approaches. It is our hope that the Presage platform will help us to more rapidly and accurately prioritize our development of novel combinations," Dr. Joseph B. Bolen, chief scientific officer at Millennium, said in a press release.


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