AstraZeneca to test Starpharma’s dendrimer molecules
October 2012

MELBOURNE, Australia—Starpharma Holdings Ltd. and AstraZeneca PLC have announced the establishment of a cancer drug agreement which grants AstraZeneca the right to test select Starpharma oncology molecules that are based on Starpharma's dendrimer technology. Dendrimers, man-made nanoscale compounds, can be designed for a variety of medical uses and consist largely of the amino acid lysine. Per the terms of the agreement, AstraZeneca will initiate oncology studies of a number of Starpharma's drug-dendrimer conjugate molecules, with a primary objective of determining the suitability of the dendrimer compounds for certain oncology applications. The molecules in question were not specified, but Starpharma announced that the agreement does not pertain to docetaxel or dendrimer conjugates of docetaxel. Financial details were not disclosed.

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