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DDNews is pleased to share with its readers periodic surveys conducted with Mizuho Securities USA Inc. (MSUSA) about various life-science research trends and topics.
MSUSA is the U.S. investment banking subsidiary of the Mizuho Financial Group in Tokyo, one of the world's largest banking organizations. MSUSA will use the data collected in these surveys to help gauge spending in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors.
If you are interested in the results from any of these surveys, please e-mail Peter Lawson of MSUSA's Equity Research Department at    

Outlook for personalized medicine more positive than overall drug development
DDNews readers say that while funding and spending expectations in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries show signs of deterioration,the outlook for personalized medicine is much more encouraging.

JULY 2013:
Political climate, spending on stem cell research shows improvement
DDNews readers say adult stem cells are viable alternatives to embryonic stem cells

MAY 2013:
Survey highlights link between companion diagnostics and future of cancer research
DDNews readers say molecular diagnostics are essential part of oncology drug development

Readers predict growth in genomic sequencing market
Survey indicates shift from clinical sequencing to consumer-driven sequencing in seven years

DDNews Market Research: CDx expected to become standard of care within next decade

Readers say 30 percent of biopharma industry’s drug sales will require companion diagnostics in next five years.

Reader perceptions on stem cell research market
Stem cell research survey indicates optimism, growth expected in 2013  

JUNE 2012:
Use of biomarkers in cancer research 

Respondents have a dim short-term view—but a brighter long-term view—for spending on and use of biomarkers.


Life sciences tools and technology market expected to remain flat
Life-science researchers and industry participants expect funding for tools and technology to remain flat in the next five years, but the outlook for laboratory equipment and its manufacturers is still more positive than funding for the genomics market.

Survey on trends in CRO market shows outsourcing is on the rise
Outsourcing is on the rise as contract research organizations (CROs) gain popularity, with respondents in a new survey conducted by Mizuho Securities USA Inc. reporting that they expect a solid 41 percent of biopharma’s pipeline will be outsourced in five years, with expectations for this number to hit 55 percent in 10 years.

AUGUST 2011:
Root to stem: Perceptions on stem cells and other R&D efforts
Respondents seem modestly hopeful about stem cells in general, but are a little more grim on U.S. competitiveness and funding. 



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