Top 5 Cancer Stories
April 2013

Don't miss our top 5 cancer-related stories this month, including a guest commentary from an industry leader, our two-part series on trends in cancer research and more!

Revolutionizing and personalizing global health
By E. Kevin Hrusovsky, PerkinElmer Inc.
As the complexity and volume of data continue to rise, bioinformatics is emerging as one of the cornerstones of personalized medicine, from enabling discovery and development of novel treatments and diagnostics to facilitating collection, analysis and interpretation of data that ultimately helps an individual patient.

SPECIAL REPORT PART 1: 'Good enough' is no longer good enough
By Randall Willis, ddn Features Editor
Aiming beyond the standard of care in oncology

SPECIAL REPORT PART 2: An aside on side effects
By Randall Willis, ddn Features Editor
Are we really making things better for cancer patients?

High-profile oncology partnership
By Jim Cirigliano, ddn Contributing Editor
Araxes Pharma and Janssen Biotech ink oncology drug development deal   

Natural neighbors
By Kelsey Kaustinen, ddn Senior Editor
OSU, Biosortia link up to identify natural products for potential cancer treatments

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