How do I subscribe to DDNEWS?
You can subscribe online by completing our subscription card.
How can I advertise in DDNEWS?
Advertising rates and specifications are available here or you can contact Bruce Poorman at 440-331-6600 or poorman@ddn-news.com.
Do you accept online advertising?
Yes, please refer to rates and specifications here or contact us at online@ddn-news.com.
How can I get your full media kit?
You can view the DDNEWS media kit online here or download the PDF here.
Does DDNEWS rent its mailing list?
At this time the list is not available, however, it will be available in the future.
How do I submit an article to DDNEWS?
You can submit an article through our Online News Room or contact the editor at editor@ddn-news.com.
Does DDNEWS accept news and product releases?
Yes, please e-mail news releases to the editor at editor@ddn-news.com or visit our Online News Room.