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Reprint Regulations
DDNEWS (DDNEWS) and its Web site are protected by U.S. and international copyright laws. You may not modify, reproduce or distribute (a) content on this publication or Web site (other than as set forth herein), (b) the design or layout of the publication or Web site or individual sections of the design or layout of the publication or Web site or (c) DDNEWS logos without written permission.
Reprint Policy
In keeping with the mission of DDNEWS to promote accurate, balanced and current information, DDNEWS may grant, on a case-by-case basis, permission to reprint certain of its copyrighted materials to commercial and non-profit entities wishing to publish educational or informational materials on the drug discovery and pharmaceutical research industry provided the following conditions are met:
  1. DDNEWS must determine, in its sole discretion, that the use proposed by Requestor is consistent with DDNEWS' mission to advance the field through educational information that is accurate, balanced and current.
  2. Requestor must agree to use the requested material in its original form and medium, unless DDNEWS grants specific written permission to Requestor to edit, modify or change the format of the material. Requestor must submit a prepress sample of modified material to DDNEWS for approval, which approval must be in writing, before Requestor prints the material.
  3. The requesting party agrees to provide a final copy to DDNEWS once it is completed.
  4. Requestor recognizes that DDNEWS permission, if granted, will allow Requestor to use the materials one-time only in the manner requested.
  5. Requestor may not give any other party permission to reprint the material DDNEWS has granted permission to requestor to reprint.
  6. Requestor agrees not to contest or dispute DDNEWS ownership of the material or its copyright rights therein.
  7. Requestor must identify and credit DDNEWS as the source of the material with the following statement,
    1. “Reprinted with permission from DDNEWS, a publication of Old River Publications, Rocky River, Ohio 44116”, with article title, publication date and statement “All rights reserved.”
  8. Except in special circumstances, for which DDNEWS must provide advance written permission, DDNEWS will grant Requestor permission to use material that constitutes (1) less than 10% of the overall publication from which it is taken and (2) no more than 50% of the article or publication into which it will be reprinted.
All parties requesting this service are required to complete the DDNEWS Publication Reprint Application Form no later than four weeks prior to proposed publication.
Contact us for further information.
Hyperlink Policy
DDNEWS and its parent company Old River Publications, LLC believe strongly in the utility value of hyperlinks, which allow anyone to point directly to content on the DDNEWS site or other sites. DDNEWS uses hyperlinks to provide our readers with quick access to additional information and original source material.
As a “print portal” the online version of DDNEWS links directly to external resources both within our stories and in other site sections and features. Direct links save time for our readers and, where space allows, we attribute our links to their sources to that our readers can gauge for themselves the value of the content at the destination.
We Encourage Hyperlinks To DDNEWS
When linking to DDNEWS content at, please observe similar practices as a courtesy to our company and, in some cases, as is legally required.
  • Link to content directly.
  • Use the title or headline of the article to which you are linking, as long as you directly link to the article.
Do Not
  • Use a headline to link anywhere but directly to the DDNEWS content.
  • Attribute a link on your site to and then link somewhere else.
  • Write and link to a summary of the DDNEWS article which exceeds generally accepted guidelines of fair use.
  • Present our content as your own.
  • Use any images from DDNEWS on your site.
If you have questions, please contact us.

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