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Aureus Pharma participating in European Biointelligence R&D program
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PARIS—Aureus Pharma, a provider of knowledge management solutions to accelerate discovery in the life sciences industry, has announced its participation in the Biointelligence research and development program, a $160 million project designed to promote the use of systemic modeling and simulation tools to exploit biomedical databases to improve research efficiency. Aureus expects to receive financial aids totaling approximately $4.7 million, but further financial details are not being made public.  
The BioIntelligence program will be coordinated by Dassault Systèmes, and involve leading life science industry players such as sanofi-aventis, Ipsen, Servier, Pierre Fabre and Bayer Cropscience, as well as public research institutes like Inserm, Inria and Genopole, and small- to medium-sized enterprises specialized in bioinformatics such as Aureus and Sobios.  
BioIntelligence will promote the use of systemic modeling and simulation tools to exploit biomedical databases. This approach, based on the product lifecycle management method, already used by manufacturing industries, is expected to enable life science industries to optimize the research phases of drug development.
Aureus will participate in the development of the knowledge management layer of the planned system and build new innovative content in therapeutic areas like oncology, as well as in the area of nuclear receptors, proteases inhibitors and life science semantics. In addition to providing significant funding, this program will also enable Aureus to evolve its data models to integrate more complex drug and drug candidate properties, biological protocols or regulation of physiological responses.  
"We are excited at the opportunity working with such prestigious partners in the Biointelligence consortium," says Dr. Jason Theodosiou, president and CEO of Aureus Pharma. "This program confirms the key contribution of Aureus' know-how in the development of knowledge-driven information systems in the life science industry. Aureus brings its long-term experience in organizing and structuring scientific data into knowledge. This program will provide Aureus further resources and insight on scientists' specific needs and sustain the development of new innovative products to continue serving our market."  
Aureus Pharma, provides a range of scientific knowledge solutions enabling biopharmaceutical companies to better understand the relationships of biological targets to compounds under evaluation. Aureus experts continuously monitor and organize the most relevant information from the scientific literature, including experimental in vitro and in vivo protocols. This detailed knowledge forms the AurSCOPE database line, focusing on the human body's main therapeutic targets: GPCRs, Kinases, Ion Channels, Proteases and Nuclear Receptors. Additional AurSCOPE databases relate to safety, toxicology, and pharmacokinetics (ADME, hERG). Consolidating all the therapeutic targets, the AurSCOPE Global Pharmacology Space (GPS) provides researchers with the most comprehensive available coverage of the "druggable" genome. Applications include AurQUEST, the web-based query tool, DDI Predict for drug-drug interactions, and AurPROFILER, the compound profiling visualization tool.

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